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Trusted Guides Through The Probate Process

At Caminiti & Caminiti, we have helped people work through the probate process for nearly three decades. We understand the stress of taking on the responsibilities of an estate administrator as you are dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. For most of our clients, it is their first experience with the probate process. Although the process is usually straightforward, it can be very time-consuming, and there are a lot of details to follow up on. If your loved one died without a will or a trust, the process can be particularly difficult and drawn-out, sometimes taking years to complete.

Avoid Mistakes By Relying On Us

When you call Caminiti & Caminiti, we put our extensive knowledge and experience to work for you. We help reduce the time and money required to make sure that all aspects of the probate process are completed correctly. We assist in all aspects of it, including:

  • Creating an inventory of assets and debts
  • Identifying ownership interests in real property and resolving any problems
  • Filing the estate tax return
  • Resolving questions of heirship
  • Helping with the distribution of estate assets
  • Preparing and filing the final accounting with the court

Even the most trouble-free estate often takes more than a year to probate, which can make some heirs and family members a little impatient. We can step in to help resolve disputes when there is a disgruntled family member or a contested will.

For Help In Estate Administration, Contact Caminiti & Caminiti

For legal guidance through the Illinois probate process, contact us today by calling 847-929-4200 or filling out our online contact form.